"Does your grout need redemption?"

We Can Clean and Seal Your Grout Lines

Once and Again Pristine Grout is a service business providing grout cleaning, clear or color grout sealing, and grout refurbishing. Located in the Buffalo NY area, we are a Western NY owned and operated company. We currently serve not only Buffalo proper, but also the surrounding counties of Erie, Niagara, and Genesee. Are you ready to solve your grout problems on floors and walls? We are.

Once and Again can turn back the pages of time and bring your grout back to looking pristine and new once again. The products we use are biodegradable and once applied, your stains will be gone and your grout will be impervious to stain for many, years to come.  Grout cleaning and sealing is the most affordable way to refurbish tile floors and walls. If you are considering a re-grouting alternative, call us first and enjoy a "new look" at a very substantial savings.

Stained Grout is a Common Problem

Soiled and stained grout lines absolutely are a common problem. Time and grime take their toll. You are not alone in your frustration. Builders do not seal the grout simply because most grout sealing products available do not last, which equates to uncompensated customer call backs for them.  We searched the marketplace to locate a manufacturer who has developed a product, which when applied, lasts for 10 years and a large plus. It had to pass our tough criteria. The expected grout sealing life on labels of products found at the big-box stores vary from one to three years when applied. That's a lot of repetitive work for homeowner's and commercial building owners alike.  Resealing grout is pushed to the back burner and typically forgotten until problems arise and then accelerate.

Unsealed grout can accumulate stains swiftly. We have performed needed services in nearly new homes. Stain resistant grout is not stain proof. While builders offer stain resistant grout at extra pricing without sealing it will not retain the beauty you paid a premium to enjoy. A Tile back splash can quickly fall prey to grease, and cleaning product build up.   

Sooner or Later Grout Needs Redemption

Heavenly clean is what we strive for!

Grout confesses to being naturally porous and therefore it bears a tendency to absorb soils and stains. Grout around tile easily falls into the sins of mold, mildew,and bacteria because we naturally place it where soap and water can are constant temptations. Grout eventually falls from grace and needs a cleansing and a proper grout sealing. 

Time, soap and moisture have woven their detrimental magic for decades and grout exposure to these elements is not about to change . The health problems they propagate have worked to defeat us as far back as Ancient Rome, home of the art of tile manufacture. The most monumental improvement to emerge over centuries of tile installation is that at last we can conquer the revenge of time and once and again have pristine tile and grout

The Final Solution to Soiled Grout

Thanks to American product ingenuity, we found biodegradable solutions to clean your grout, and then seal it so the grout resists stain, mold, mildew and bacteria for many years to come. We are insured and we are happy to  guarantee   our cleaning and sealing application. Once and Again has pride in the workmanship needed to satisfy our customers. After we have cleaned and sealed your grout, your cleaning load is lightened, and you can remain confident your environment is healthier. How will you use the valuable time you  gain? 

How is Grout Cleaner and Grout Sealer Applied?

No fuss, we won't bring in large heavy equipment to vibrate your tile with miles of hoses connected to a truck parked outside. The products we use do not require that type of cleaning. We let the solution do its fair share of the work. After a grout cleaning,  we apply the sealant.  You can choose our grout clear sealing which works beautifully on tumbled rock, or a color grout sealing. Your grout can be returned to its original newly installed color.The choice to update to another color and change the whole attitude of your room is up to you. We offer 13 standard colors and we also offer to duplicate any manufacturers grout color should that be your preference. There are up to 200 grout colors on the market today. Common questions are answered on our FAQ page.

We Stamp Out Dirty Grout

From commercial locations to residential personal space, we make Western NY a cleaner brighter place to live.  In all honesty there is no "status protection" against grout grime, mold, and mildew.  Tough job? No problem. It's likely not the worst we've handled. Our customers come from many different walks of life but they all lead busy lives and aspire that their bathrooms be heavenly clean sanctuaries.  After all, It's where we all go to get clean.

Stop struggling just say "Get my grout clean".  Call for a FREE ESTIMATE.


Although an estimate visit is preferable, you can opt to send the dimensions of your room and a photo to our Email address: MsGrout@pristinegrout.com

You will be pleasantly surprised at our prices. Be sure to view our DISCOUNTS page for discount prices for grout cleaning and sealing that are available!